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ENG 101


Welcome to the English 101 Research Guide where you will find tips for finding resources. Use the above tabs to navigate the guide.

Getting Started

1. What is the assignment?

A. Topic? (Climate change)

B. What question am I trying to answer? (Are humans responsible for climate change?)

2. What are the requirements

A. Length?

B. Resources?

1. Journal article

2. Book

3. Peer reviewed article (Watch Video: What is a journal and a peer reviewed article?)

4. Website

a. Google Scholar

b. Other web sites

C. Type of Resources? (See the BMMC guide for an explanation and examples of primary and secondary resources)

1. Primary (Written by the person who did the research; usually in the form of a journal or abstract)

2. Secondary (Written by another person who reviews and cites the original research)

3. Tertiary (A summary or description of the research. The primary research may not be cited)

Check For Understanding

Organizing Your Research

1. Create folder (in One Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox...) and title the name of the class.

2. Create another folder inside the class folder. This is where you will:

a. Save your notes (and citations) for the assignment.

b. Save all scanned/electronic sources.

3. Open Word document

a. Give it title related to assignment (e.g. Notes for Climate Change paper)

b. Save in the assignment folder

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a. Chicago: 312-341-3639/49
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2. Email

3. Chat

4. Schedule one-on-one