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Using Microsoft Mix: Home

Overview of Microsoft Mix

  • Create simple interactive online lessons
  • Uses basic principles of PowerPoint
  • Can be saved as a Mix or mp4 (video) format
  • Can be played in any browser and on any device
  • Easily shared to the cloud
  • Easily updated
  • Provides analytics about every slide and user
  • Some content extensions are provided (e.g., Khan Academy)
  • Other extensions can be added

Mix Interactive Elements

  • High-fidelity animations
  • Hyperlinks
  • Embedded web pages
  • Audio-video narration
  • Quizzes and polls
  • Embedded and linked videos
  • Free-form inking
  • Interactive simulations
  • Built-in screen capture

Ways to use Microsoft Mix

With Microsoft Mix you will be able to record/create:

a. Lesson

f. Portion of YouTube video

b. Demonstration

g. Quiz for YouTube video

c. Training video

h. Lesson quiz

d. Simulation

i. Analysis of quiz data

Librarian Contact Information

Barbara Anderson, Ed.D.
Head of Instruction and Learning

Office: 1035 AUD
Phone: 312-341-3647

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