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This page lists and describes media resources available at Roosevelt University.

Searching Media Collections

  • Search the library catalog by keyword, title, subject, or any associated name.
  • In the right column of the search results, limit by the format you are looking for.

Image Resources

Online Music


The Performing Arts Collection offers over 5,000 compact discs and DVDs across a broad range of music genres. An additional 12,000 LPs are housed. For use in the library.


   CD            DVD

Streaming Content

Embedding Videos in Blackboard

There is a relatively simple method to embedding.  The following precautions must be made.

1) Your browser may be blocking embedded content from unknown providers.  To fix this depends on the browser; this usually involves something rather simple in the browser's address bar.

2) You have to ensure that you have an up to date browser that allows html 5 videos in the first place.  This should rarely be a problem, though I still remember a faculty member in 2009 that used Netscape still.

The following are the steps required to embed a video in Blackboard.

1) Find a Kanopy streaming video (,) ensure that you are either using an "on-campus" connection or are using the library's proxy server ( and go to the video's landing page.

2) Click "Share/Embed" as shown in "embed canopy.png" in orange.

3) In "embed kanopy.png" you can also change the size of the video's embedded size by clicking the Options menu, this part is shown in pink.

4) Select the entire code in the embedded area, it should start with "<iframe width= . . ." 

5) Log into

6) You now how to create some sort of content, whether it be an announcement, a forum, an assignment, or just about anything in Blackboard (if you click build content don’t choose the video option as you won’t be able to use the embed code).  You will be confronted with an interface similar to the other image I attached called "embed html button.png."​ Click the "html" button I've circled.

7) Paste the code from Kanopy and click "Update"  This should be in a separate window.

8) Finish editing the update/announcement and click submit as normal.

9) The content should appear, if it does not use the following command "Ctrl + F5" to refresh all frames.