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MGMT 380

Using Nexis Uni to Find Company Information

Finding Company Information With Nexis Uni

Here are the steps for creating a company dossier:

1. Click Menu (upper left-hand corner) and select Company Dossier

Shows Company Dossier option on dropdown menu

2. Type the name in the Company name box. Narrow your search by selecting Only show headquarters locations and by changing Regions/Countries to United States.

Shows where to type in information to find company dossier

3. Click the correct company listing.

Shows results list for search of Starbucks headquarters

4. You will see the Dossier report containing details about financial information and a list of competitors. The links to the left will provide you access to more financial reports, current news articles, and information on any legal cases the company might be involved in.

5. You will find Financial Ratio Analysis information when you select Financial Overview

Using Nexis Uni to Find the SWOT Analysis for a Company

Finding a Company SWOT Analysis

Here are instructions for finding a SWOT analysis for your company.

1. On Nexis Uni homepage, Select Business

Arrow pointing to Business section of Nexis Uni

2. Select Company Search/ Company Information/ By Name

Arrow showing where to type in the company name

3. Type in Company Name


4. Type SWOT in Search Within Results 

Arrow pointing where to type in SWOT


5. If desired, use the sort menu to sort the results by date.  

Arrow point where to select desired dates

Mergent Online

  1. Type in company name
  2. Notice the sub-tabs for each of the main tabs
  3. Find Financial Ratio Analysis information by selecting Company Financials/Ratios

Mergent Intellect

  1. Type in a company name
  2. Example of information:
    • Company Details
    • Financial Details
    • Latest News
    • Top Business Tweets
    • Management Changes
  3. Find Financial Ratio Information by going to Financial Details/Ratio