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NURS 310

Class Agenda

  1. Getting Help from the Library
  2. PowerNotes/Organizing your researchy
  3. Scholarly vs Non-scholarly
  4. Empirical vs Review Research
  5. Creating Good Library Research Question
  6. Keywords and Boolean Search
  7. Guided Searching
  8. Review of Literature
  9. APA Style

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23311+ your 9 digit personal ID number


Librarian Contact Information

Photo of librarian Barbara Anderson

Barbara Anderson, Ed.D.
Head of Instruction and Learning

Office: 1030 AUD
Phone: 312-341-3647

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a. Chicago (Murray-Green): (312) 341-3639/49
b. Chicago (Performing Arts): (312) 341-3651
c. Schaumburg: (847) 619-7980 

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