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PAL Research Guide

Call Numbers for Books

Beyond doing searches in the Library Catalog, it is also possible to browse PAL's collection. To do so, it is important to understand call numbers and how to read them. To help, the charts below can help you understand where in PAL's collection you can find books about a given subject.

ML - Music Literature

     Periodicals. Serials ML1-5
     Directories. Almanacs ML12-21
     Societies and other organizations ML25-28
     Special collections ML29-31
     Institutions ML32-33
     Festivals. Congresses ML35-38
     Programs ML40-44
     Circulars and advertisements ML45
     Scrapbooks ML46
     Librettos. Texts. Scenarios ML47-54.8
     Aspects of the field of music as a whole ML55-89
     Manuscript studies and manuscripts ML93-96.5
     Dictionaries. Encyclopedias ML100-109
     Music librarianship ML110-111.5
     Music printing and publishing ML112-112.5
     Bibliography ML112.8-158.8
     History and criticism ML159-3785
          General works ML159-161
          By period ML162-197
          By region or country ML198-360.6
          Biography ML385-429
          Composition and performance ML430-458
          Instruments and instrumental music ML459-1380
          Vocal music ML1400-3275
          Program music ML3300-3351
          Dance music ML3400-3465
          Popular music ML3469-3541
          Folk, national, and ethnic music ML3544-3776
          Music on particular topics ML3780
          Musical journalism ML3785
     Music trade ML3790-3792
     Music as a profession. Vocational guidance ML3795
     Musical research ML3797-3799.5
     Philosophical and societal aspects of music. Physics and acoustics of music. Physiological aspects of music. ML3800-3923
          General works ML3800
          Physics and acoustics ML3805-3817
          Physiological aspects of music ML3820
          Psychology ML3830-3840
          Aesthetics ML3845-3877
          Criticism ML3880-3915
          Social and political aspects of music ML3916-3918
          Moral influence of music. Therapeutic use of music ML3919-3920
          Religious aspects of music ML3921-3921.8
          Music in the workplace ML3922
     Literature for children ML3928-3930

MT - Music Theory, Study, & Instruction

     General Works MT1
     Music study abroad M2.5
     History MT3-5
     Music theory MT5.5-7
     Printed pedagogical aids MT9-15
          Examinations, exercises, etc. MT9
          Teachers’ and supervisors’ manuals, etc. MT10
          Charts, diagrams, etc. MT15
     Music in special education MT17
     Music in colleges and universities MT18
     Systems and methods MT20-34
     Notation MT35-39
     Composition. Elements and techniques of music MT40-67
     Improvisation. Accompaniment. Transposition MT68
     Instrumentation and orchestration MT70-74
     Interpretation MT75
     Embellishment MT80
     Memorizing MT82
     Conducting. Score reading and playing MT85
     Community music MT87
     Administration and instruction of vocal groups MT88
     Analysis and appreciation of musical works MT90-146
     Audio-visual aids MT150
     Music theory for children MT155
     Tuning MT165
     Instrumental techniques MT170-810
          Keyboard instruments MT179-258
          Stringed instruments. Bowed stringed instruments MT259-338
          Wind instruments MT339-533
          Plucked instruments MT539-654
          Percussion and other instruments MT655-725
          Ensembles MT728-735
          Motion picture accompanying MT737
          Instrumental techniques for children MT740-810
     Singing and vocal technique MT820-915
          Vocal techniques for children MT898-915
     School music MT918-948
          Kindergarten MT920-925
          Elementary schools. Junior high schools. High schools MT930-948
     Whistling MT949.5
     Music to accompany instruction in ballet, folk dancing, gymnastics, etc. MT950
     Musical theater MT955-956
     Music in the theater MT960

GT & GV - Dance

   Costume & Fashion GT500 - 2370
   Dance Training GV201-550
   Philosophy & Theory GV1588
   Study & Teaching GV1589
   General Works GV1590-1594
   Special Topics GV1595
   Dancing as a Profession GV1597
   Dance Criticism & Appreciation GV1600
   Dance History & Historical Dance GV1645-1795
   Biographies GV1785
   Special Dances GV1796-1799