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Wilson ENG 102 Final Session

Primary VS Secondary Group Activity


Read your group's prompt, with this in mind evaluate the linked source. Fill in required information on worksheet. 


GROUP 1 PROMPT: You are researching the reaction of Ukrainian-American Chicago residents to the war in Ukraine and found this resource.  

GROUP 2 PROMPT: You are doing an analysis of the Biden Administration's 2023 Budget of the U.S. Government and found this resource.

GROUP 3 PROMPT: Your research question is 'What does a modern day political analysis of the Gettysburg Address on the state of the American Dream?' and you've found this resource.

GROUP 4 PROMPT: You are doing your dissertation on the history of immunology and found this resource.

GROUP 5 PROMPT: You are looking for data on the effectiveness of social distance to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and found this resource.