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Hospitality Management


Welcome to the Hospitality Management libguide. Use the above tabs to navigate the guide or use the Hospitality Management Index (found below). 

The Online Learning Guide will provide you with more detailed information about search techniques, how to find resources, copyright and fair use guidelines, citation information, and FAQs.

Hospitality Management Page Index

I. Home

  • Information
  • Your Library ID
  • Creating Your Library Accounts
  • Hospitality Management Page Index
  • Contact Us
  • Contact Information (Barbara Anderson)

II. Background Information

  • Required: How do I...
  • About Reference Books
  • Selected Career Opportunity Reference Books
  • General Print Reference Sources
  • Selected Tourism Reference Books
  • Selected Food and Food Service Reference Books
  • Contact Us

A. Reference E-Books

  • About Online Reference Books
  • Dictionaries
  • Encyclopedias and Handbooks
  • Hospitality Serials
  • Contact Us

B. Foreign Language Dictionaries

  • About Online Reference Books
  • French Dictionaries
  • German Dictionaries
  • Spanish Dictionaries
  • Italian Dictionaries
  • Irish Dictionaries
  • Polish Dictionaries
  • Welsh Dictionaries
  • Greek Dictionaries

III. Find Articles

  • Possible Search Terms
  • SIC Codes and NAICs Codes
  • Hospitality & Tourism Complete
  • Other Online Resources for Journal Articles and More
  • Tutorials
  • Featured Online Resources

IV. Find Books

  • Shortcut To Book Search in RU Catalog
  • Newest at RU Books in Hospitality Industry
  • Curculating Books
  • Featured Books

V. Find Websites

  • Restaurant Industry Websites
  • Conference and Event Web Sites
  • Travel and Tourism Web Sites
  • Tutorials
  • Contact Us

VI. Evaluating Sources

  • Description
  • Limitations With Google Search (And Other Search Engines)
  • C.R.A.A.P. Test
  • Appropriate Uses of Wikipedia
  • More Advice for Evaluating Online Resources

VII. APA Citation Style

  • Introduction
  • Featured APA Style Books
  • About APA Style Citations
  • Helpful Websites for APA Style
  • Citation Generators
  • Contact Us

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