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Economics: Census Data

an overview of locating information in the field of economics

Searching 2010 Census by Zip Code

Here is a step by step guide for retrieving data from the 2010 Census.  You can download the PDF here, or follow the steps as listed below.

Also, be sure to visit the Metro Chicago Information Center's Public Purpose Initiative library.*  They allow you to "learn more about the community" with neighborhood data.

*An account is required, but it is free to create.

Searching 2010 Census by Zip Code

1.  Go to American Fact Finder (this link opens directly to the "Search" feature):

2.  You MUST choose the YEAR you wish to search FIRST!  Do so by choosing YEAR under "Topics" menu on the left sidebar:

Image detailing how to choose the year you wish to search

3.  Choose “Geographies" from the left side toolbar:

Image detailing how to search by geography

(When you click Geographies, a separate box will pop up on your screen.) 


4.  Type in the Zip Code you would like to search and click "GO" (or use the Geographic Type filter options listed in the side bar):

Photo describing how to search by zip code

5.  Select the Zip Code you would like to search and “ADD” it to your working list:

Photo describing the second step of searching by zip code

6. Add Additional Topics/Population Groups (optional)

7. Click on the report you wish to view:

Photo describing how to select the report you would like to view

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