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eReserves Welcome

Welcome to the faculty eReserves page for the Roosevelt University Library

We invite you to place your online materials on reserve for your students. eReserves ensure that students in a course, online or in person, are granted access to required or supplementary course readings or media. While on eReserve, materials can only be accessed by students in the course for a limited amount of time and stored behind a password. Passwords are given to the instructor by the librarian creating a separate eReseves page for a course.  eReserves materials are typically located on the Library's Course Reserves webpage or on Blackboard

Place an item on eReserves

Place an Item on eReserve

Fill out an eReserves request form for each item you wish to place on reserve for your students. Please submit the eReserves request form no later than fourteen business days prior to the date needed for your course to allow time for processing. 

You may email digital copies of materials and the eReserves request form to Estevan Montaño, at the Murray-Green Library, Anita Hwang, at the Performing Arts Library, or JoEllen Coney, at the Schaumburg Campus Library. 

Items on eReserve will be placed on the Library's course reserve webpage behind a password. The password will be given to the course instructor by the librarian that creates your course eReserves page.

All items in eReserves are removed at the end of each semester. Any personal copies of DVDs or other media will be returned to your campus office by Library or ATS staff unless you arrange to pick them up yourself. 

DVD & Analog Digitalization

Digitalize a DVD or Analog Media for Blackboard

You may digitalize a DVD for student access on Blackboard with Ensemble Video. Ensemble Video is a video management platform for the Roosevelt community that allows for the storage and distribution of video files, including digitizing and embedding DVD content into Blackboard.  Users can upload and store videos in Ensemble, then share those files through links and embed videos players. 

DVDs digitized for streaming in Blackboard must be purchased with performance rights and will be removed at the end of each semester. If a DVD does not have performance rights, Library staff will attempt to contact the movie's distributor obtain permission to use in Blackboard.

To get started, please email Estevan Montaño,, (312) 341-2125 in the Murray-Green Library.  

Do not forget: 

The Library subscribes to Kanopy Streaming Video that had dozens of movies that can be quickly shared or even embedded into any Blackboard course without any waiting period.
Canopy logo. Film streaming for students and professors

eReserves Fair Use

Fair Use for e-Reserves

The Roosevelt University Library can assist faculty and staff with digitizing print or analog content for e-reserves and other coursework.  However, library staff must comply with Fair Use, Copyright, and First-Purchase Rights laws. Below is a general list of materials the library can digitize for e-reserves without obtaining permission from copyright holders:

Materials RU Library can digitize for eRreserves:

  1. Materials in the public domain
  2. US Government publications
  3. One article from a journal (print or electronic)
  4. One chapter or up to 20% from a print book with 10 or more chapters; or 10% or shorter for print books less than 10 chapters

4. A short excerpt from a book is permissible but cannot be divided into chapters or exceed 10% of total work

  1. Video content, with performance rights, must have limited access to registered students in a specific course behind a required login to view content, such as Blackboard
  2. Images; one drawing, picture, cartoon, chart, diagram, or graph from a print item is permissible
  3. Materials owned by the instructor, including exams and lecture notes

Reuse of materials:
Permission must be sought by the copyright holder when:

  1. Materials are reused by the same instructor for the same course in a subsequent academic year.
  2. Materials are considered assigned or optional text for specific courses taught in multiple sections by multiple instructors.
  3. Long-term access, more than 30 days, to materials on e-reserve in a previous semester is required for students that have not completed a course.  

For further assistance, please contact:
Estevan Montaño, MLIS


Estevan Montaño's picture
Estevan MontaƱo
Roosevelt University Library
(312) 341-2125

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