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Finding Resources

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Below are general call number ranges. For a more detailed classification outline, consult the Library of Congress Classification page. 

M1000-1478 Large Ensemble Scores
M1500-2188 Vocal Music Scores
ML1400-3275 Vocal Music Literature/History
ML3830-40        Music psychology
MT1 Theory of music instruction/study
MT6 General music theory
MT10 Teacher’s manuals
MT20-MT34 Special methods of education
MT22 Jacques-Dalcroze
MT26 Orff
MT32 Kodály
MT35 Ear training
MT73 Band Instrumentation
MT85 Choral Conducting
MT170-801 Technique books by instrument
MT820-MT893 Singing and voice
MT898-MT949 Techniques for children
NX Arts in general
NX180  Arts in relation to other subjects
NX220  Arts audiences
NX230  Citizen participation in the arts
NX280-NX282  Study and teaching, research