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Selected testing pages

Identifying a Test

The following resources provide access to titles and descriptions of tests organized by subject matter. While few provide the tests themselves, they are useful in identifying groups of similar tests and providing test properties and reviews that allow you to narrow your search to a specific test.

Getting a test in PsychINFO

There are two ways to search for tests:

  • Click on PsychINFO link below.
  • Go to "Advanced Search."
  • Method #1:
    • In the first search term box, enter the name of the instrument, the word, "AND" and the word, "appended."
    • In the drop-down menu next to the search box, select "Tests and Measures." ex: "anxiety and appended" Tests and Measures
    • Your results should contain a test(s) for anxiety appended to the article(s).
  • Method #2:
    • In the first search box, enter the term, "test appended."
    •  In the drop-down box next to this box, select, "Keywords."
    • In the second search box, enter the name or the subject of the test.
    • Your results should contain appended tests.

SPSS for Home Use (Instructions for Students Only)

The University's new licensing agreement with IBM includes SPSS software for home use, meaning that you can download and install it on personally owned computers.

1. To download SPSS, visit this page:   

2. Under the Visitors section, click the View Shared Files button

3. Double-click the folder that corresponds to your computer’s operating system. Windows users should check the computer properties to determine whether the 32-bit or 64-bit versions are appropriate.

4. The license key you will need to complete the installation is in a file within each folder. Download that and enter the key when prompted. This key is valid until Dec. 31, 2020.

Support is only available online. IBM offers a support forum here:  

Also, because this is a widely used product, many support and usage questions can be answered via Web searching.

Print Resources

Contact the Test Authors

Copyright Issues

Tests and measurements, regardless of whether they have been published in a journal, are copyright-protected. In order to use a test, you must get permission from the author.

The list of links below will direct you to test publishers.  If you obtain a faculty letter stating the reason for your request, it is often possible to get permission to use the test.

Contact the publisher or author of the test for permissions.

For more information on copyright issues, go to the APA website: