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Online Research Tutorial Home Page

"Table of Contents"

Brainstorming & Finding a Topic

These pages will discuss how to discover and brainstorm your topic.

What is brainstorming?

Finding a Topic: Controversial Issues

Finding a Topic: Newspaper Articles

Finding a Topic: Exploring Background Information

Forming a Research Question

Choosing the Right Tools

These pages will help you decide which research tools are best for you, and give you pointers on finding articles creating useful searches in our scholarly databases.

What types of tools does the library have?

Where do I find books?

What is a database?

Building Searches: Keywords

Building Searches: Synonyms

Building Searches: Subject Terms

Building Searches: Boolean Searching

Building Searches: Limiting Your Results

Getting Results

These pages will give you pointers on how to determine if the articles you find are useful for your purposes. 

Scan the Citation

Read the abstract

Read the full text

How to get the full text


A summary of what you have learned, and how to get more in depth research tips.

Subject Guide