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Chicago Fire of 1874 Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon

Tips and resources for the Chicago Fire of 1874 Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon at Roosevelt University and Northeastern Illinois University on Oct. 23, 2014

Model Articles

Here are some Wikipedia articles on  urban fires and Chicago history, which we can use as models for the Chicago Fire of 1874 article:

Links, Groups, Categories to Include and Link to

Edit-a-Thon Stations

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Source: alandberning on Flickr

  • Sign-in/Training: Get oriented to the edit-a-thon
  • Research: Look over print and online materials related to the Fire of 1874
  • Writing and Citing: Collaborate with researchers to write up the articles and cite them
  • Housekeeping: Ensure that everything conforms to the formating standards of Wikipedia

Suggested Sub-Sections

  • Top section/Lede

  • Background

  • Origin

  • Spread of the fire

  • Immediate impact of the fire

  • Long-term impact of the fire

  • Media coverage of the fire

  • References

  • Further reading

  • External links

Suggested Tasks

  • Explore secondary sources to write the Background, Long-Term Impact of the Fire, and Media Coverage of the Fire sections
  • Explore primary sources to write the Origin, Spread of the Fire, Immediate Impact of the Fire sections
  • Compile a Further Readings section
  • Compile an External Links section
  • Add links to other Wikipedia articles, groups, and categories
  • Find public domain pictures to include in the article
  • Clean up