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Cell Biology

Access Science

Need background information on cell biology topics? Interested in research review articles, animations, videos and other learning aides to help you understand cell biology concepts? Access Science is the source for you.  Many of the resources in this database also contain links to primary research articles.

Use the link below to navigate to Access Science. Select "Biology & Biomedicine" from the list of subject areas below the search bar on the databases' home page.  Then, use the "subtopics" list on the left side on the page to navigate to "Cell Biology" resources.

Gale Virtual Reference Library

  GVRL is a general reference collection.  Use the basic search bar to search for the  term "cell biology" to view a host of reference books in this subject area.  You can  also search for specific topics- like "natural killer cells" or "cell death"- to find  background information in a range of encyclopedias, almanacs and other reference texts.