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ACP 101

Researching Basics


In the boxes below, you will find information for citations in the following styles:

  • CSE (Council for Science Editors)
  • AMA (American Medical Association)
  • NLM (National Library of Medicine)
  • ASC (American Chemical Society)
  • AIP (American Institute of Physics)

It is possible to use RefWorks to create and store your references for these styles. See the RefWorks page of the Online Learning Guide for instructions on how to create an account and use RefWorks.


Science Style Guide Books

Helpful ASC Style Sites

What is ASC Style?

Citation style, developed by the American Chemical Society, consisting of a reference list (full bibliographic information) and in-text citation (identifies where information was found for a particular sentence).


Helpful CSE Style Sites

What is CSE Style?

The Council of Science Editors citation gives readers information needed to find your resources in the reference list and in-text references that show readers the sources that back your claims in a particular sentence. There are three systems of documentation used in CSE (Citation-sequence, Citation-name, and Name-year). Make sure to ask your instructor which system they prefer.


Helpful AMA Style Sites

What is AMA Style?

Created by the editors of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), American Medical Association (AMA) style specifies writing and citation formats for scholarly works in medicine. The AMA Manual of Style was first published in 1963, and is currently in its 10th edition.



Helpful NLM Style Sites

What is NLM Style?

Developed by the National Library of Medicine, NLM Citation Style is a standard in the medical and health sciences field. Many journals require NLM Style for article submissions. Citing Medicine, the NLM citation style guide, is a freely available digital resource.


  • Citing Medicine, 2nd edition  Examples of citations from many different sources (Select the chapter that applies to your category.)
  • NML Catalog: Journals referenced in the NCBI Databases (National Center for Biotechnology Information) This is a way to narrow your search to journals in the NCBI database. You will be able to find some full text articles for free.

  • RefWorks Tool for creating and storing citations in many styles. You will need to create an account to use this cite. See the RefWorks page for information on how to set up account and use this tool.



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