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ENG 102

Overview For Evaluating Online Resources

We find the most current information in journal articles, blog posts, tweets, etc. How do we evaluate this information for validity and reliability? We are going to use a combination of tools to perform the C.R.A.A.P. (Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy, Purpose) Test. Select the link below to see the form for the C.R.A.A.P. Follow the instructions on the other pages in this section to follow the process.

Google Chrome Tools

You will need to use Google Chrome as your browser. Then, you will download extensions using the following steps:

1. Select the 3 vertical dots in the upper right-hand corner

2. Select More tools

3. Select Extensions

4. Download the following extensions:

  • DigiPo: Shortcuts for fact-checking on web pages
  • Official Media Bias Fact Check Icon: Shows political bias for some pages
  • B.S. Detector: Warns users about unreliable sources
  • Official Media Bias/Fact Check
    : Shows political bias on some Facebook posts

  • Trusted Times: Analyzes news websites

  • Project Fib:Detects fake news on Facebook feed
Screenshot with arrows showing where to find browser extensions


Evaluating Journal Articles

Evaluating Resources: Is Your Research CRAAP? (This is a video, from Arizona State University, that provides criteria for evaluating resources).

Evaluating Resources Activity:

You have been assigned a paper relating to Post-Apartheid South Africa. You need to find resources. You have not been limited to only scholarly sources. Your research question is:

How have apartheid laws affected peoples' views about and experiences of racism in South Africa today?

Your assignment is to examine the following 2 articles to determine whether or not they would be good resources for your paper. Here are the steps:

1. Copy and paste the titles of the articles in Academic Search Complete to find pertinent information about the articles and their authors:

  • Remembering my whiteness/imagining my African-ness
  • A Dying Ideal: Non-Racialism and Political Parties in Post-Apartheid South Africa

2, Use the C.R.A.A.P. test and information found on the Evaluating Resources video to evaluate video

3. Determine whether or not you would use Article 1 and/or Article 2 for your research paper.

4. Be ready to justify your responses.