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PSYC 530


Welcome to the PSYC 530 page where you will find tips for finding resources. Use the tabs on the left to navigate the guide.

This page is meant to help you do your research for the PSYC 530 class. In addition to resources on this page, see the following:

Psychology Research Guide

Online Learning Guide


SPSS Tools

(To download SPSS on your own device, go to Highlighted Tests and Measurements tab and scroll to the bottom of the page.)

Librarian Contact Information

Photo of librarian Barbara Anderson

Barbara Anderson, Ed.D.
Head of Instruction and Learning

Office: 1030 AUD
Phone: 312-341-3647

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1. Phone:

a. Chicago (Murray-Green): (312) 341-3639/49
b. Chicago (Performing Arts): (312) 341-3651
c. Schaumburg: (847) 619-7980 

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