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READ 374 Video Set-up


You do not have to use the microphone. It depends on your classroom situation and noise level. If you do use the microphone, you must do the set-up and test immediately before filming. Do not turn off the iPad or the microphone before filming or you will need to do the set-up procedure again.

Practice often with the microphone before it really counts. If the microphone is not properly functioning, you will have no sound for the video. This cannot be reversed.


  • Connect Receiver Jack to Receiver

  • Wrap Strap around top of tripod

  • Connect Receiver Jack to the microphone adapter (the pink one) of the Microphone Splitter on one end and the phone/iPad on the other (NOTE: Make sure you have the jack with 3 rings connecting into the phone/iPad)

  • Pair the Bluetooth Receiver and Microphone by turning them on and holding them near each other until the blue lights stay on solid blue

  • Hang Receiver on Strap that is attached to the tripod

  • Hang Microphone onto instructor (make sure it is in close proximity to the mouth)

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