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Databases and Journals: Music Education

Call Numbers

When looking for resources on music education, you’ll be searching within the “MT” call numbers, which represent Musical Instruction and Study. You’ll find all kinds of great resources under the "MT" heading, but the call numbers below are a good place to start browsing for information about the practicalities and day to day life of a music educator.

All MT - Musical Instruction and Study
1 - Theory and history of music education
3 - Music study by region or country
10 - Teachers’ and supervisors’ manuals
35 - Dictation
730 - Ensembles: Band
733 - Ensembles: Orchestra
875 - Ensembles: Chorus and also sight singing
930 - Elementary schools. Junior High Schools. High Schools


These journals are almost all associated with professional organizations. Generally, you will receive these journals with membership to the organization. These journals are also available in the library. Don’t forget to check the library’s back issues for more articles. The back issues are bound in hard cover and located on the back wall of the library by the M’s. Click on the title of the journal to be redirected to the library's catalog. Links to these professional organizations are also located in the "Websites" portion of this guide.


These websites represent many of the major professional organizations as well as some online resources that provide resources and support for teachers. There are also a few links to charitable organizations that award grants for specific projects.

Job Hunt

Some of these sites are directed specifically to Illinois jobs but most include the option for searching specific states. You will also find information for international job searching here.

Professional Development

Many of the professional organizations highlighted in the “Websites” section of this guide also have resources for professional development.These websites are not repeated here. Wherever you are teaching, make sure to check the local college and university offerings. There are often opportunities for summer workshops and classes, especially if these places have strong music programs.


This libguide is meant to support students towards the end of their degree in the transition to becoming new teachers through the  first year of teaching. Highlighted here are books and journals available in the library that contain information beyond how to play an instrument or conduct an ensemble. These resources provide ideas for lesson plans, suggestions for building a strong music program, and tips for success in your first year. In addition, this libguide has websites of professional organizations, links to job postings, and opportunities for professional development. This is not a meant to be a comprehensive list of all the resources in the library or on the web, so consider this guide as a starting place for your search. If you find any indispensable resources, please let us know so we can update the guide.

Books in the Library

Selected books from the library’s collection that are particularly appropriate for new and first year teachers. Click on the title to be redirected to the library's catalog listing for the book.

Series Books

Looking for ideas for lesson plans? This is the place to start. All of these series are available in the library. These resources encompass band, orchestra, choir, and general music from pre-k through junior high.