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Databases and Journals: Finding Songs

Why This Page?

When you need a song or aria, you might not know what show or opera or film it comes from and sometimes it is only available in a collection. Though you can find most songs and arias using a keyword search in the library catalog with "quick limit" of scores, some collections don't have the table of contents online, so you have to use books that list songs or special volumes that index songs in collections. This page lists books that list songs and those that index collections and anthologies.

How to choose a song. Several of the Internet sites to the right help you choose the song that's right for you. See   Backstage,  Stage Agent  Image of Stage Agent's Logo , or ask your teacher!

How to use an index: Look up the title of the piece. Once you have found what you want there will be a string of letters or numbers, or a combination of the two. Use this code to look in the front of the volume to find the collection or anthology - then check the library catalog to see if we own it.

Song Indexes

Performing Arts Library Sheet Music List - An .pdf listing the over 2,000 individual songs in our collection. See library staff. An Excel file can be found in the box below.

Find That Tune - 2d. ed. -William Gargan and Sue Sharma
Call Number: REF ML128.R6F56 1988
ISBN 0918212707
An index to rock & soul in collections.
The Song Index of the Enoch Pratt Free Library - Ellen Luchinsky
Call Number: Reference: ML128.S3 L665 1998
ISBN 0815329180
The Song Index features over 150,000 citations that lead users to over 2,100 song books spanning more than a century, from the 1880s to the 1990s. The songs cited represent every type of song: popular, folk, children's, political, comic, advertising, protest, patriotic, military, and classical, as well as hymns, spirituals, ballads, arias, choral symphonies, and other larger works. This comprehensive volume also includes a bibliography of the books indexed; an index of sources from which the songs originated; and an alphabetical composer index.
SongCite: An Index to Popular Songs - Willam D. Goodfellow
Call Number: REF ML128.P63G65 1995
ISBN 0815320590
Indexes with Supplement, contents of 450 song books, over 8,000 songs.
Where's That Tune - William D. Goodfellow
Call Number: REF ML128.P63G66 1990
ISBN 0810823918
Indexes 64 fakebooks with 13,500 different songs.

Popular Sheet Music in the Performing Arts Library [Excel File]

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