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Critical Thinking

Course Description

The purpose of this course is to learn how to leverage RefWorks to gather and organize references. References can be automatically imported into RefWorks from the library databases, Google Scholar, and some websites. The references can be organized in folders and shared with others. In addition, you will learn how Refworks integrates with Microsoft Word or Google Docs to simultaneously insert in-text and bibliographic citations while writing your papers.  

The RefWorks course is designed to provide activities to learn how to use RefWorks. It consists of 8 lessons and 14 assignments. There are no hard due dates unless this course is an assignment for another class. It is possible for you to complete the course in a few hours. It is highly suggested that you complete the course within 2 weeks of enrolling. Assignments are graded pass/fail. Students can receive a certificate of completion when they have successfully passed all 14 assignments.

Instructions for Self-Enrolling in Blackboard

1. Login to Blackboard and select RU Courses

Image showing how to access RefWorks course in Blackboard

2. Type RefWorks in the Organization Search box

Image showing how to self-enroll in Blackboard course

3. Hover over RUORG210_RefWorks and select Enroll from the dropdown menu.

Printing Certificate of Completion

1. You must have 14 points for your assignments (This means you received a pass for all 14 assignments)

2. To receive the certificate, select Tools/Communication

Image from Blackboard page showing how to access tools

3. Select Achievements

Image from Blackboard page showing how to access achievements

4. Select the Printer icon and print the certificate

Image from Blackboard showing how to access the certificate of completion