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Preceptor Resources

A list of resources available for preceptors of the Roosevelt University School of Pharmacy.


Any Database

Often a problem can be resolved by restarting your browser completely, sometimes an old session has expired and requires you to log in again.  The easiest way to resolve this is to close your browser completely and use the links on the main page.

All access provided by Open Athens (our authentication method for all preceptors) does work cross platform and across all of the different databases.  This means that if you are logged into one database, you should be able to use a different database without logging in again, if used with the same session and the same browser.

Some browsers are updated with additional security features ahead of changes made by our authentication provider.  This means you may sometimes be required to change to a different browser, at least as a test.  

If all else fails contact via email and we will be able to figure out what is causing the issue.

Access Pharmacy

If you receive a pop up message stating that you do not have access to this resource and to contact the administrator, there is a way to fix this.  First click "Okay" then click "Log In" in the upper right, from here use Log in with Open Athens and retype your credentials.  This should allow you access.  This problem should be a temporary one and we are working on a complete fix.

Android / iOS

Micromedex App

If you are presented with a password entry screen after you have already entered it and successfully accessed the app in the past, try restarting the app.  You should only be prompted for the password if either the password has changed or if you have reinstalled or updated the app.

If you believe you are typing in the correct password and you still encounter issues, contact for a new password or further support.