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Using PowerPoint to Create Videos


You will need to record your voice and format for each slide. Following all the instructions below for every slide.

Record Voice

1. Select Record Audio from the
Insert ribbon

2. The Record Sound box appears.
Select the red button to record

3. When finished, select the OK button

4. If you do not like the recording you
can delete it by deleting the icon. Then,
you would re-record using the same procedure.

5. Make sure you Save often




Format Voice Recording

1. Make sure the following are selected:

  • No Style
  • Hide During Show
  • Start: Automatically
  • Volume: High

2. You have the ability to trim the audio from the beginning
or the end by doing the following:

  • Select Trim Audio
  • Trim according to time stamps
  • Move the green and/or red slider(s)