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Using PowerPoint to Create Videos

Steps for Recording a Screencast

1. Select the Insert tab on PowerPoint

2. Select Screen Recording and then select whether or not you want to:

  • Record the pointer
  • Record audio (Note: you need to have access to a microphone for this)

    Record control options

3. Select the area of the screen you want to record (i.e., do you want to record the whole screen or just a portion?)

4. Select the record button

PowerPoint Record Button

5. Select stop button when finished

Recording a Screencast on Windows Using PowerPoint

This video, by Don Leitch, shows you how to create a screencast using PowerPoint 2016 on a Windows machine.

Screencasting With Mac Using QuickTime

This video shows how to record a screencast using a Mac. The Mac version of PowerPoint does not have that function built in. Once you have recorded and save the screencast, that video can be uploaded into a PowerPoint slide.