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Media Literacy Lessons

Act One: The Initial Case (Focused Investigation)

Sagan holding sign saying No Billboards in Space

1. Picture of Carl Sagan (1970s)

2. Did he really foresee the commercialization of space?

3. Check to see if this image is real or if it has been altered in some way.

Act Two: The Story Behind the Story (Look at Structural Issues and Social Impact)

1. When was it first seen?

2. Was it originally humor? Or meant to be misleading?

3. What implications does this have today? 

Act Three: The Plan for Action (Personal and Civic Interventions)

What do you do about this knowledge?

1. If you see a friend has posted this and appears to believe it is real?

2. If it is on a social media site and others believe it is real?

3. How might you share it appropriately?