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MGMT 358

Mergent Online

  1. Type in company name
  2. Notice the sub-tabs for each of the main tabs

Mergent Intellect

  1. Type in company name
  2. Example of information:
    • Company Details
    • Financial Details
    • Latest News
    • Top Business Tweets
    • Management Changes

Nexis Lexis Uni

  1. Select Business
  2. Select Find a Company
  3. Type in the company name
  1. Select Business
  2. Type the desired company's name in the Company Search Box
  3. Type SWOT in the Search Within Results box
  4. NOTE: You can see a history of SWOT reports

Reference USA

  1. Select Search under U.S. Businesses
  2. Type in company name (and name of executive if you know it)