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Products and Markets

  • Provides understanding of what industry does

  • Details how industry operated

  • Explains how different factors have affected industry performance

  • Contains 6 sections that look at:

    • Products of services

    • Markets

    • Where industry is located

    • Are they imports or exports

    • The supply chain

    • How does it differentiate itself from other industries?

Key Statistics

  • Provides snapshot of industry in form of numerical data

  • Provides 3 tables:

    • Industry data

    • Annual change

    • Key ratios

  • These data are the basis for:

    • Industry analysis

    • Trends and storytelling throughout the report

Operating Conditions

  • Provides in-depth analysis on the external environment

  • Includes factors outside the company's control like:

    • Capital ratios

    • Technology required

    • Overview of regulatory environment

    • Whether industry receives any form of assistance

Major Companies

  • Identifies key companies in the industry

  • Provides case studies for the industry's performance

  • This information would be useful for:

    • Benchmarking against top players

    • Identifying emerging companies to target

    • Identify how industry factors affected top players' performances

Competitive Landscape

  • Analyzes external environment

  • Topics discussed include:

    • Major players

    • Breakdown of cost structures

    • Barriers operators face to enter the industry

    • What differentiates one operator from another