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  • Prototypes are tactile/serve as a working example of the product
  • Modifications can be done in minutes
  • Multiple people can work on same project (each modifying to find best results)
  • Prototype can be shared across great distances (US & China within hours)
  • Can make objects that could not be made with a mold (Interior details)
  • Small objects print quickly
  • Free printing at Roosevelt


  • Prototype might not be a viable final product
  • Roosevelt printer is limited to plastics, resins, and composite materials
  • Also limited in color
  • You are always limited in size to print bed
  • Large & highly detailed objects take a lot of time to print
  • You need knowledge of 3D modeling software

Contact Eric Wierzbicki For More Information

Office AUD 1006

Phone: 312-341-2406