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To help in locating RU Library and open web eBook collections.

Using ebrary

ebrary is a growing collections of ebooks that have been purchased by the Roosevelt University Library. You can access our collection of ebooks in ebrary by going to the library's home page (, clicking the Electronic Books link, and clicking the link to ebrary. You may also click .

Searching for & finding ebooks in ebrary

To search for ebooks in our ebrary collection, type keywords into the search box and click the Search ebrary button.

ebrary keyword search box

To browse our collection of ebooks, click the All Subjects link that appears to the right of the Search ebrary button, and then click a subject link.

Creating an ebrary account

You do not need to create an account to view ebooks in ebrary, but if you do create an account, you can do the following:

  • Save notes, highlights, or bookmarks.
  • Add documents to your bookshelf.
  • Check or change your account information.
  • Change your password.

If you have not already created an account, click the Sign in link in the upper-right, and then click Create an account. Follow the instructions to complete account creation.

When you finish creating your account, you are automatically signed in. Next time you visit this site, use the Sign in link to sign in using your username and password, and then begin using ebrary.

If you have an ebrary account, you can store documents that you are interested in on your personal bookshelf that only you can view. The bookshelf is your workspace where you can create folders to organize your documents and annotations. ebrary helps you keep track of the folders your work is in and of items that are not categorized.

Viewing ebboks in ebrary

When you have found an ebook you would like to view, you can access the book quickly by using ebrary QuickView. QuickView allows users to view and search documents without having to install anything first. To use QuickView, simply click the title link to an ebook, or click the QuickView tab. 

ebrary QuickView

The full ebrary Reader is still required to make annotations, use InfoTools™ functions and copy/print. 

ebrary Q & A

ebrary logo

Q: What is an ebook?

A: An ebook is an electronic copy of a book you would traditionally check out of the library in a physical form. 

Q: Do I need to check out an ebook? 

A: No, they are fully readable online.

Q: Do I need to download anything to view ebooks in ebrary?

A: No; you should be able to view a book by clicking its title, provided your computer has Java. However, you can opt to download the ebrary Reader, which launches ebooks in a pop-up window and allows you to make notes, save bookmarks, and save ebooks to a personal bookshelf.

Q: Can I view ebrary ebooks in my Kindle, Sony Reader, or other device?

A: No; unfortunately, they can only be viewed in an internet browser.

Q: Can I print an ebook from ebrary?

A: Yes, but only small portions. 

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