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Mathematics & Actuarial Science

To assist with doing research for coursework in Mathematics & Actuarial Science

About Various Science Styles of Citations

The CSE (Council of Science Editors), formerly CBE style, is a style of citation generally used for research papers in the sciences and is based on the Scientific style and format : the CSE manual for authors, editors, and publishers, copies of which are available at both the Chicago and Schaumburg campus libraries.

The Writing Center @ the University of Wisconsin-Madison maintains a CSE Citation-Sequence and Citation-Name Documentation document.

The Ohio State University Libraries shows examples of article citations for a research paper using CSE/CBE style.

The Colorado State University Writing Center provides examples of CSE Name/Year In-Text Formatting.

Penn State University Libraries has a CSE Quick Citation Guide.

The ACS (American Chemical Society) style guide is used by students, scholars, and scientists in the field of Chemistry.

Williams College Library provides some information about ACS Style Guide conventions.

Selected eBooks for Science & Technical Writing

The following books are fully online and can be accessed by clicking on the url and logging in with your 14-digit RU Student/Faculty ID number.

Science Style Guide Books