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To support business administration, accounting, investment & finance, and marketing students' discovery of business-related scholarly articles and information.

Using Cabell's Publishing Directories

The Library subscribes to the Cabell's Publishing Directories online product in order to help faculty and students to discover whether a given scholarly journal is blind-, editorially-, or simply peer- reviewed, and what the journal's acceptance rate is.

To profitably search in the Cabell's Directories, click on the above link.  

You will see a list of scholarly disciplines, including Business, Education, and Psychology.  

Choose a discipline's radio button, then click on the "Access Selected Directory" button.

If you know the name of a journal that you're looking for, just type it in the "Journal Name Contains" blank box.  When you are ready, press the "Display Results" button.  Scroll until you see the journal's name.

If you do not have a particular journal in mind, there are many options to pursue to find out about the various titles in your discipline.

1.  Try choosing "Blind Review" in the "Type of Review" drop-down menu.  This will list the names of journals with a reviewing policy in which neither the author nor the reviewers know each other's identity.

2.  Try creating a percentage range in the "Min Acceptance Rate" menus.  Resulting journals with lower acceptance rates will be the more selective titles.  Those with higher acceptance rates will be less selective.

3.  Try using the "Specific Topic" menu to display titles in a particular subdiscipline.

Harvard Business School Case Studies

At times, librarians are asked if we have Harvard Business School case studies.

The library does have access to many of the Harvard Business Review Case Studies, via our subscription to the Harvard Business Review in EBSCO’s Business Source Premier.

To locate Harvard Business Review case studies in Business Source Premier, type in 'Harvard Business Review' as an 'SO Publication Name' and select ‘case study’ as a document type.

This is the limit of what HBR case studies are available in our holdings.  We are available to assist students in their case studies research when needed.

The more popular variety of Harvard case studies, however, are the Harvard Business School Case Studies, which are only available to be purchased online.   The HBS studies are based upon actual companies and situations, whereas the HBR cases are fictionalized (although some may be based upon HBS studies).

NYU Poly University describes the distinction between the two, and how students and libraries use them.  To wit:

Due to copyright restrictions, libraries cannot purchase Harvard Business School case studies or put them on reserve. Students can purchase them directly through Harvard Business Publishing for about $6.95 each.  Instructors can purchase the rights from the publisher to photocopy their personal copy for students.  Confirm with your instructor on how to access case studies required for your course.

The Harvard Business Review does not include the Business School case studies, however it does publish one case study per issue. These generally deal with fictitious companies, but are good studies of current problems faced by companies. The Harvard Business Review is available online via Business Source Premier.

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