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Tools for Instruction

Library Resources for Instructors

1. Restrictions and new opportunities for videos to use in classes

2. Change from RefWorks to Zotero citation management system

  • RefWorks subscription ends Jan 1
  • Library will assist in transferring data from RefWorks to Zotero
  • Watch for workshops and library guides

3. PowerNotes

  • Digital notetaking tool
  • Asks you to organize thoughts by topics
  • Very fluid, you can easily change, modify or add topics. 
  • Creates outline that can be shared
  • Built-in tool that steers students to library sources if they use Google
  • Provides link to original source
  • Shows citation, in selected style

4. Student Research Learning Objectives (SRLO) rubric and pilot study

  • Based on AAC&U Value Rubrics
  • Provides common language for expectations of student research
  • Facilitates instructor collaboration with 
  • Meant to be used for all subject areas and levels
  • Provides evaluation data for:
    • Class (identify gaps in lessons)
    • Curriculum (identify gaps in curriculum)
    • Overall student progress (data can be used in HLC evaluations)
  • Pilot study requirements:
    • At least one library session and accompanying library assignment
    • Scoring (using the SRLO rubric) of 30% of randomly selected research assignments
      • Instructor will score their own student assignments
      • At least 2 people from the Student Research Committee will score the assignments
    • Completing an evaluation survey at the end of the semester
  • Please contact Barb Anderson if interested in participating in either Fall or Spring semesters