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Library Research Lesson

Assignment and Instructions

This exercise will take you through everything you need to know to complete the Library Research Assignment. Follow the steps in the order they are presented.

1. Watch this video to see how to find help from the Roosevelt Library

2. The ENG 102 Library Guide provides you with shortcuts to links for finding information. Many of the materials are discussed in the videos for the library research assignment.

ENG 102 Library Guide

3. Follow these steps to complete the Library Research Worksheet:

  • Download the ENG 102 Library Research Assignment
  • You will be asked to complete parts of the worksheet throughout the lesson.
  • Follow the instructions that accompany the video or tutorial


4. This video explains the process of narrowing your topic. While it is important to narrow the topic, it is also possible that your topic is too narrow. Watch the video to assist you in the research process. After you have watched the video, fill in the Topic Chart on the Library Research Assignment.


5. You will be required to find scholarly articles to support your research paper. This tutorial will help you determine whether or not an article is considered scholarly. Make sure to put your name and your professor's name so you receive credit for completing the tutorial.

Scholarly vs Non-scholarly Tutorial

6. Now that you have finished the tutorial, we will see how well you can determine whether or not an article is considered scholarly. Once again, make sure you put in your name and your professor's name to make sure you receive credit for completing this activity.

Scholarly vs Non-scholarly Check for Understanding

7. The next step is to determine a good, Library Research Question by doing the following tutorial:

  • Insert your name and your professor's name so you can receive credit for the tutorial
  • Watch the video first
  • Answer the questions in the tutorial
  • When you have finished the tutorial, fill in the research question section on the Library Research Worksheet
  • Library Research Question Tutorial

8. Finding Search Terms (Keywords) for searching library databases

  • Complete this tutorial that explains how to find keywords from your research question and how to use Ebsco Host to find synonyms and/or related terms.
  • Fill in the first line of the Key Words/Search Terms Chart with 2 words that represent the major concepts of your research question. (Start with 2 and only add a third if absolutely necessary)
  • Finding Search Terms/Keywords Tutorial

9. Using Boolean Operators

10. Now it is time to find synonyms and sources for your paper. You will be using Academic Search Complete to begin this process. Watch the video to find out how to find synonyms or related terms and sources from Academic Search Complete. Do the following:

  • With the techniques shown in the video, find additional related search terms using Academic Search Complete. Then, fill in the rest of the Key Words/Search Terms Chart.
  • Use the search terms to find an article in the Academic Search Complete that will be good for your research.
  • Use the Cite tool in Academic Search Complete to find the MLA citation information. Then, copy and paste it into the Academic Search Complete box on the worksheet.



11. The next place to find an article is in ProQuest Central.

  • Watch the video
  • Find an article that will be good for your research paper
  • Copy and paste the MLA citation information for that article in the ProQuest Central box on the worksheet.


12. Find a Subject-Related Database

  • Look at the Research Guides by Subject List
  • Find a database that applies to your topic (e.g., education, psychology, criminal justice, etc.)
  • Use a suggested database from the research guide to find another article (Remember to use the same search terms)
  • Paste the MLA citation on the library worksheet in the Subject-Related Database box