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Where to Find Persistent Links

Many of the library's databases provide persistent links to the articles/media that they index.  You can use these persistent links to connect your students directly to scholarly information within your Blackboard classroom. Simply find an article/media in a database and place the link in your classroom.  There are no copyright law concerns as this issue is covered by the database license.

Find persistent links here:

Adding Links to Blackboard

Add links to Library resources in your Blackboard course:

Step 1: Search for an article in a database

Databases that provide persistent links include all EBSCO databases (Academic Search Premier, Business Source Elite, PsycARTICLES, ERIC, etc), FirstSearch databases (ABI Inform, AGRICOLABasicBIOSIS, Periodical Abstracts, Wilson Select Plus, etc), JSTOR and Kanopy Streaming Media. 

Step 2: Find that article's persistent link

Most of the databases list the persistent link near citation information for the article.  For assistance locating persistent links, see the Persistent Links box to the left.  You can often use the address at the address bar of your browser if this information is not readily available on the database.

Step 3: Add the proxy server's prefix to the link

In order to ensure that the link works for your students off campus, it is very important to add the following prefix to the beginning of your persistent link:

Adding this prefix to the persistent link will make the library's proxy server authentication screen appear when the persistent link is clicked. Off-campus users can enter their entire RU ID number (starting with 23311), and then they will be taken to the article. For best results, create your links in Notepad. Open Notepad, copy the above prefix, and paste into your Notepad document. Next copy and paste the persistent link you found in the database immediately after the equal sign.

Step 4: Place the link in your classroom

Go to the place in your course where you would like the link to appear, and add the link you created in Step 3.

You're done!

Embedding a Librarian In Your Class

Are you using Blackboard for your courses?  Click HERE to learn more about our Roosevelt Embedded Librarian program.

Off Campus Access & Your Library ID

To access the library's online resources from off campus, authentication is required through your NetID username and password (the same you use for email and Blackboard).

NetID Log In

Video Digitization with Ensemble

Ensemble Video is a video management platform for the Roosevelt community that allows for the storage and distribution of video files, including digitizing and embedding DVD content into Blackboard.  Users can upload and store videos in Ensemble, then share those files through links and embed videos players. 

DVDs digitized for streaming in Blackboard must be purchased with performance rights and will be removed at the end of each semester. To get started, please email Estevan Montaño,, in the Murray-Green Library.  

Estevan Montaño 
(312) 341-2125