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Adding Links to Blackboard

Add links to Library resources in your Blackboard course:

Step 1: Find that article's persistent link

Most databases list the persistent link near citation information for the article. If you are off campus you'll need to be logged in with NetID and password to copy the perisstant link. The link might often be labeled as "share" or "permalink."  Use the copy function within the database or control c to copy the link. 

Step 2: Place the link in your classroom

Paste the link in your classroom or syllabus.

Embedding a Librarian In Your Class

Are you using Blackboard for your courses?  Click HERE to learn more about our Roosevelt Embedded Librarian program.

Off Campus Access & Your Library ID

To access the library's online resources from off campus, authentication is required through your NetID username and password (the same you use for email and Blackboard).