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Online Learning Guide

Online Learning Guide Index

I. Home

  • Welcome
  • Your Library ID
  • Creating Your Library Accounts
  • Online Learning Guide Index
  • Help
  • Librarian

A. Organizing Your Research

  • Suggested Methods For Organizing Your Research
  • Overview Of Virtual Storage Space Method
  • Video Example (Using One Drive)
  • Links To Other Methods

II. Start Your Research

  • Getting Started
  • Questions To Answer

A. Search Tools and Strategies

  • Determine Key Words
  • Boolean (Operators) Search Terms
  • Search Shortcuts
  • Truncation and Wild cards

B. Database Information

  • So What IS A Database?
  • What Is A Journal And A Peer-Reviewed Article?
  • Information About Scholarly Articles And Scientific Papers
  • Websites Versus Library Databases As Information Resources
  • Keywords Or Subject Headings?

C. Evaluating Your Online Resources

  • Description
  • Limitations With Google Search (And Other Search Engines)
  • C.R.A.A.P. Test
  • Appropriate Uses Of Wikipedia

III. Finding Resources

A. Accessing the Library Databases

  • On-Campus
  • Off-Campus

B. Online Articles

  • Overview
  • Suggest Journals for Background Information
  • Finding Scholarly and Peer-Reviewed Articles From Roosevelt Databases
  • I-Share Articles
  • ILLiad Articles
  • Course Articles Put on Reserve by Professor

C. Books From Roosevelt

  • Shortcut To Book Search In RU Catalog
  • Your Library Account
  • Requesting Books Owned By Roosevelt
  • Searching the RU Catalog
  • The VuFind Catalog
  • Special Collections

D. Books From Other Libraries

  • Your Library Account
  • Contact Us
  • Need Help?
  • What Do I Do If RU Doesn't Have a Book?
  • I-Share
  • Worldcat AND ILLiad

E. Videos

  • Main Search Box
  • Kanopy

F. Resources On Reserve

  • How To Access Resources On Reserve

IV. Copyright and Fair Use

A. Copyright Law

  • What Is Copyright?
  • Copyright Basics
  • Copyright Resources

B. Fair Use

  • Fair Use Resources
  • What Is Fair Use?
  • Is This Fair Use?

C. Public Domain

  • What Is The Public Domain?
  • FAQs
  • More Public Domain Info

D. Creative Commons

  • What Is Creative Commons?
  • A Shared Culture
  • CC Licenses Types

E. Important Information For Students

  • Copyright and Fair Use Overview
  • Open Access For Students
  • Copyright Infringement vs. Plagiarism
  • Copyright and Digital Media

V. Citation

A. Using RefWorks

  • Introduction
  • Logging in to Roosevelt RefWorks Account/Creating Account
  • Importing References from Mendeley, Zotero, and Others into RefWorks
  • Upload document(s) From Your Computer
  • Installing Write-N-Cite For Microsoft Word
  • Using RefWorks with Google Docs
  • RefWorks Shortcut in Google Scholar
  • Saving to RefWorks Manually
  • Entering Full-Text From Summon
  • Creating RefWorks Shortcut for Browser
  • Using Write-N-Cite to Write and Format Papers

B. APA Style Central

  • Introduction
  • Featured APA Style Books
  • About APA Style Citations
  • Helpful Websites for APA Style
  • Citation Generators
  • Contact Us

C. MLA Style Center

  • Introduction
  • MLA Style Guides
  • Helpful Websites for MLA Style
  • Contact Us

D. Chicago/Turabian Style

  • Introduction
  • Chicago/Turabian Style Guides
  • Helpful Chicago Style Websites
  • Contact Us

E. Council of Science Editors/Other Science Styles

  • Introduction
  • Science Style Guide Books
  • Helpful CSE Style Sites
  • Helpful AMA Style Sites
  • Helpful NLM Style Sites
  • Helpful ASC Style Sites
  • Helpful AIP Style Sites
  • Contact Us

VI. Getting Help

  • One on One Help
  • Getting Help From a Librarian
  • Contact Us by Phone


A. Remote Access Problems

  • Having Problems Accessing Databases Off-Campus
  • Problems Accessing from Work
  • Port Issue
  • Browser Issue

B. Other FAQs

  • Help
  • Library Account Questions


RU librarians can help you at all stages of your research process. We can help you make a research plan, identify useful search tools, help evaluate sources you find, and much, much more. Even experienced researchers have questions, so never hesitate to ask for help.

Ways to seek help:

  • Looking for a quick answer, having problems logging in, or just prefer to Instant Message? Chat with a librarian.
  • Ask questions by email: Email a Librarian
  • Schedule a one-on-one appointment (indicate that you want a virtual meeting in the "Where would you like to meet?" box and we will schedule the meeting with you.
  • Phone:
    • Auditorium Building (312-341-3639)
    • Schaumburg (847-619-7980)
    • Performing Arts (312-341-3651)

Librarian Contact Information

Photo of librarian Barbara Anderson

Barbara Anderson, Ed.D.
Head of Instruction and Learning

Office: 1030 AUD
Phone: 312-341-3647

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