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Online Learning Guide

Having Problems Accessing Databases from Off Campus

1.  Can all library databases be accessed remotely?

Most of the databases to which the library subscribes can be accessed remotely.  The library is using a software program called EZProxy to provide you with remote access to the majority of our databases.  However, you may still need to enter usernames and password for some databases.  Also, the license agreements for a few databases restrict usage to either in-library or on-campus access only. 

2.  What should I enter in the User Authentication pop-up box?

Enter your NetID and password. This is the same information you use to access Blackboard or your Roosevelt  email.  If it does not accept this information, call one of the Circulation Desks listed below and explain the situation to them.  They will check the library's patron database to see if you are listed.  If you are not in this database, they will check the university's Banner database to verify your status as a current faculty member or student.  They can then enter you into the library's patron database.

Chicago Campus Library Circulation Desk
Schaumburg Campus Library Circulation Desk 

3.  Can I disable cookies and still use EZProxy?

No, EZProxy requires that cookies be enabled.

Port Issue

I'm at my home and can't connect to EZProxy due to a port issue.  What should I do ?

EZProxy requires access to ports 2048-2247.  Contact your Internet Service Provider to see if they can configure your home network to allow access to these ports.

Browser Issue

1. Do I need to change any of my browser's settings?

You may need to change the privacy setting if it is set too high.  To check this in Internet Explorer, do the following:

  1. On the Tools menu, click Internet Options.

  2. On the Privacy tab, move the slider down to Medium or lower.

  3. Close your browser and then reopen it.

         You also may need to clear your browser cache - How to Clear Your Browsers Cache

2.  Do I need to use a different browser ?

Some websites may support one browser over another. If you use Internet Explorer or Safari as the default browser on your computer you might want to consider a couple of well known alternatives:

  1. Firefox
  2. Google Chrome