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DigiPo News Analysis Project


  • Choose a single claim found in your article. Here are some good sample claims:
    • The North Carolina Republican Party sent out a press release boasting about how its efforts drove down African-American turnout in this election.
    • Ice is growing at both poles, calling into question global warming theories.
    • As of November 2016, U.S. housing prices have returned to their pre-bubble highs.
    • The photograph depicting a Trump ad for a Mumbai hotel overlooking scenes of homelessness and poverty is real.
  • Characteristics of a good claim:
    • It should be falsifiable (i.e., stated in a way that is it possible to prove it false).
    • It must be narrow in scope (you can complete the analysis in 1,000 words).
    • It should be debateable (Not all claims will be true or false. Some claims will be mostly true, unlikely, or likely).