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DigiPo News Analysis Project


Advice for finding original sources:

  • Science: Journal article(s)
  • Politics: Local papers, hoax website, chain email
  • For other claims, there is no definitive source. You still need to find a credible source for the claim.
  • Some claims have been made in several sources. This often results in a mutation of the claim much like the game of telephone.


1. Go Upstream

  • Track the source of viral content
  • Track the source of viral video/photo

2. What is a Fact?

  • Something generally not disputed
  • Told by people in a position to know
  • Who are inclined to tell the truth

3. Read Laterally

  • Don't rely on information from that source
  • What are others saying about that source?


Note: Use Google Chrome for performing the activities

1. Google image search (rt. click on image and do search)

2. Google phrase search (Put claim or part of claim in quotation marks and search in Google)

3. Hoaxy: Find and track claims (true and false) as they propagate across the web.