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Reference Management with RefWorks

Import Directly from Databases

Direct Export From Databases in Ebsco Host

1. Some databases have folders. When you find an article you would like to keep, select the folder that corresponds to the resource.

Image showing folder option for saving articles in EBSCO

2. Continue saving resources in the folder.

3. When you have collected all the resources you want from this database, select the Folder icon at the top of the page.

Image of where to find your folders when logged in to EBSCO

  1. You will see a list of all the references you have saved in the folder
    Image of a list of references that were saving in an EBSCO folder
                                                         Select Export
  2. Select Direct Export to RefWorks

    Image of Export to RefWorks option in EBSCO
  3. You will be asked which version of RefWorks. Select ProQuest RefWorks
    Image of Proquest RefWorks option

  4. If you have already signed in it will take you to your page. Otherwise you will be asked to sign in.
  5. RefWorks automatically goes to the Last Imported area and you will receive a message that the documents have been saved to your library

  6. Select OK to view the references

    Image of a successful import into your RefWorks account
  7. Now you will want to put these references into the appropriate folder. Select the boxes to the left of the resources. Then, select the folder icon at the top of the page
    Image of how to move the last imported references to folders you create

  8. A dropdown menu will appear. Double click on the desired folder name. You will receive a messge that says the documents have been added to the folder.
  9. If you want to view the documents, select the folder (You will find the individual folders by selected the My Folders tab)

    Image for how to put last imported references into folders already created

  10. To retrieve the full text of the document,                    change Normal View to Full View
  11. This will allow you to see all the bibliographic information, the Abstract, and will provide you with a link to the full article

    Image showing how to access full article from imported reference information

Saving to RefWorks Manually

The following is information found in the Adding References Manually box on the New RefWorks: Drag & Drop and Manual references libguide from ProQuest.

To add an item to RefWorks, click the Add a reference icon This is a plus symbol at the top of the page. If you plan on adding the item to an existing collection, click on the collection first, then click the Add a reference icon This is also a plus symbol.

You'll have three options:

  • Upload document
  • Import references
  • Create new reference

Image showing how to create a reference manually in RefWorks

You can drag and drop a document (.pdf, .doc, etc.) directly into the Upload document box to upload an existing MS Office, Open Office or .pdf file from your computer. Only 1 document per item allowed. 

From the second option, you can also import a set of references from a text file in the formats offered. This information was covered in the Importing References from Mendeley, Zotero, and Others into Refworks box found on this RefWorks libguide page.

Using Create new reference you can manually enter your bibliographic data or click and drag a file to be imported as well.

Tip:  If you have multiple documents to add to RefWorks, you can select and drag them all at once. RefWorks will create separate items for each.

Regardless of which option you choose, RefWorks uses its document recognition feature to attempt to auto-complete the reference fields on the page.  RefWorks’s document recognition feature is compiled from a combination of authoritative citation sources, ProQuest databases, and end-user generated content and is continually revised and optimized to deliver the best possible results. 

You can change the reference type, manually edit the reference fields and additional fields can be added using the Add more fields drop down box at the bottom of the page. 

If you do not have a file to upload, simply populate the blank fields by typing in the necessary information.

Once you have manually added your item using one of these options, click Save and your item will be added to your RefWorks library.