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BIOL 366/466


This page is designed to help students find primary source, scholarly research for the research grant proposal assignment. Graduate students will also use the information to find a current research paper they will present to the class. Use the tabs above to navigate to the different pages. The BIOL 366/466 Page Index indicates what is found on each page.

Organizing Your Research

1. Create folder (in One Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox...) and title the name of the class.

2. Create another folder inside the class folder. This is where you will:

a. Save your notes (and citations) for the assignment.

b. Save all scanned/electronic sources.

3. Open Word document

a. Give it title related to assignment (e.g. Notes for Climate Change paper)

b. Save in the assignment folder

BIOL 366/466 Page Index

I. Home

  • Your Library ID
  • Creating Your Library Accounts
  • BIOL 366/466 Page Index
  • Organizing Your Research
  • Help
  • Librarian Contact Information

II. Primary & Scholarly Resources

  • Characteristics and Examples
  • What Is a Scholarly and Peer Reviewed Article?
  • Anatomy of Scholarly Articles

III. Find Articles

  • Library Databases
  • Google Scholar

IV. CSE/Other Science Citation Styles

  • Introduction
  • Science Style Guide Books
  • Helpful ASC Style Sites
  • Helpful CSE Style Sites
  • Helpful AMA Style Sites
  • Helpful NLM Style Sites
  • Helpful AIP Style Sites
  • Contact Us

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