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PHAR 657

Public Health

PHAR 657 Guide

This guide is intended to provide support for the Roosevelt University PHAR 657 class.

Presentation Requirements

  • Public Health Issue
    • Provide general background information on the “Healthy People 2020” objective
    • Provide data/statistical information on the prevalence of the public health issue at the national, regional, and local levels
    • Assess current pharmacists’ involvement
    • Describe the “Leading Health Indicators.”
  • Proposal
    • Do pharmacists have the skills, expertise, and opportunities for filling the unmet public health need?
    • What are the top challenges for extending pharmacists’ contributions to population-based public health initiatives?
    • What are strategies to overcome them?
    • What type of support is needed from other health care professionals and public health agencies?


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a. Chicago (Murray-Green): (312) 341-3639/49
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c. Schaumburg: (847) 619-7980 

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