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COMM 201

BCOM 301 Page Index

1. Finding Help in the Library

2. Library Resources

3. Developing a Research Question

4. Generating and Using Keywords

5. Boolean Searching

6. Scholarly vs Non-scholarly

7. Exploring databases

Organizing Your Research

1. Create folder (in One Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox...) and title the name of the class.

2. Create another folder inside the class folder. This is where you will:

a. Save your notes (and citations) for the assignment.

b. Save all scanned/electronic sources.

3. Open Word document

a. Give it title related to assignment (e.g. Notes for Climate Change paper)

b. Save in the assignment folder

Downloading Microsoft Office Apps on Your Personal Devices

As a Roosevelt student, you have the opportunity to download the Microsoft Office apps on up to 5 personal devices. To do this, follow the attached instructions.

Instructions for downloading the Microsoft Office apps