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Honors 398

Topic & Research Question

Broad Topic

Restricted Topic

Narrowed Topic


Commercial fishing

Fishing regulations in New England



Internet in China


Check to be sure that the research questions meet these criteria:

  • It is open-ended (cannot be answered with simple yes or no).
  • Should not be answered by definition or list
  • It addresses an issue or controversy and/or solves a problem.
  • It is something that you can take a stand on.
  • Does not lead you to research only one side of the topic (We don't want to know your point of view)


Research Question

Example 1: What impact do fishing regulations have on commercial fishing in New England?

Example 2: How will China’s effort to censor the Internet affect its citizens?

Developing Your Research

A. "Developing a Research or Guiding Question" (by Arizona State University): This video will help you understand the difference between a topic and a research question. It will also help you develop good research questions.

Check for Understanding

B. "Generating and Using Keywords" (by Arizona State University): This video explains how to determine keywords/concepts. It also explains the importance of finding synonyms or related concepts.



What can RefWorks do for you?

  • Collect, manage, and organize your research papers and documents
  • Annotate, organize, and cite your research
  • Collaborate by sharing collections
  • Drag and drop (for saving) documents and bibliographic data
  • Create shortcut link on browser to capture research from websites
  • Format papers with in-text citations or footnotes.
  • Change existing in-text citations and reference list to a different style with one click
Information from this page was found on the ProQuest libguide for RefWorks: