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Marketing & Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)

Use this guide to get started on research related to Marketing or IMC.

How to Use MRI Simmons

Video from the University of Alabama Librari

Video from Ohio University Libraries

MRI Simmons Insights Platform Training Webinar

This video is a more comprehensive look at how MRI Simmons Insights can be used in Market Research.

International Marketing

Statistics by Demographics

United States Census Bureau: You can create charts and searches. For example, you can search for grocery stores in Illinois in 2020


Market research requires the use of statistics to define geographic, demographic, psychographic, and behavioral boundaries for market segments. The following links will provide you with statistical information.

State, County, & Community Research

You can use these website resources to find State, County and Community Demographic Information:

The library also has several reference books available for statistics.  A few are listed below:

Creating Surveys