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PAL Research Guide

In the Library

You can find a majority of PAL's playscripts in the PR (English Literature) and PS (American Literature) sections of PAL. These can be found in the last row of shelves near the offices. These sections are then broken down by date of publication.

PR Section (English Drama)

Call Number Topic
PR1490 - PR1799 Anglo-Saxon Literature
PR1803 - PR2165 Anglo-Norman period. Early English. Middle English.
PR2199 - PR3195 English Renaissance (1500 - 1640)
PR3291 - PR3785 17th and 18th Centuries (1640 - 1770)
PR3991 - PR5990 19th Century, 1770 - 1900
PR6000 - PR6049 1900 - 1960
PR6050 - PR6076 1961 - 2000
PR6100 - PR6126 2001 - Present

PS Section (American Drama)

Author Last Name Begins With Play Published
1900 - 1960
Play Published
1961 - 2000
Play Published
2001 - Present
A PS3500 PS3551 PS3601
B PS3503 PS3552 PS3602
C PS3505 PS3553 PS3603
D PS3507 PS3554 PS3604
E PS3509 PS3555 PS3605
F PS3511 PS3556 PS3606
G PS3513 PS3557 PS3607
H PS3515 PS3558 PS3608
I PS3517 PS3559 PS3609
J PS3519 PS3560 PS3610
K PS3521 PS3561 PS3611
L PS3523 PS3562 PS3612
M PS3525 PS3563 PS3613
N PS3527 PS3564 PS3614
O PS3529 PS3565 PS3615
P PS3531 PS3566 PS3616
Q PS3533 PS3567 PS3617
R PS3535 PS3568 PS3618
S PS3537 PS3569 PS3619
T PS3539 PS3570 PS3620
U PS3541 PS3571 PS3621
V PS3543 PS3572 PS3622
W PS3545 PS3573 PS3623
X PS3547 PS3574 PS3624
Y PS3547 PS3575 PS3625
Z PS3549 PS3576 PS3626

Anthologies and other collections of playscripts can be found in the PN section. They range from PN6000 - PN6999.

Electronic Resources